Our Story

We started our company because we found that everyone can benefit from interpersonal skills, and our passion is to help people and companies grow. We love to see the progress people make, wether big or small, as long as this is the progress that comes from personal motivation. We love to instill this motivation in people, in teams and in companies we work with.

We help companies set their strategy, define their minimum viable product, and hone their employee and team capabilities so they will become as affective as possible over time.

Workshops to improve communication

Have you ever felt challenged by that next presentation coming up, that sales meeting with a big prospect or that contract negotiation you are going to get into? Through our various workshops, we ensure you learn all the necessary skills to sell, present and negotiate each type of challenge you’re faced with. We ensure you leave our workshops with materials, and skills that you can immediately apply in your work.

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Training others

We are all specialists in a certain field, and many of us have the desire to train other on what we know. Unfortunately, research shows that for many of us, it’s hard to teach other our skills and capabilities. Through our Train the trainer (T3) workshops, you’ll learn all about retention, learning principles and content building, so you can train your colleagues, your staff or your management team. Learning our method will ensure they don’t only learn, but also remember, and learn to apply your skills.

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Some of us feel that there’s nothing more to learn, that we’ve reached a glass ceiling that is impossible to break, or overwhelmed by the choices we have. Through coaching, we help you see the possibilities for growth, your next step and to further build your skills and career. We strive to help you reach your goals through as few coaching sessions as possible, and we’ve seen results even after 2 or 3 coaching sessions.

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Consulting for growth

All companies, start-ups, governmental and non-governmental organizations are living entities, constantly matching their efforts with an ever changing environment. Through consulting, you can find a fresh pair of eyes to look at your company strategy, team structure, and product & services offerings. We provide online measurement tools to test individual skills, and help you organize your teams for maximum effectiveness. We have worked with start-up companies and medium sized companies in Vietnam to set their strategy, goals and product & services offerings, allowing them to focus on the things that have an impact. 

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